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With the number and complex nature of cyber-crime increasing and changing as we speak… many companies and their employees are exposed to unwanted threats and weaknesses.

The worst part…On average the amount of time that passes from the initial exploit to the identification and remediation of the problem is almost a year.

Here’s a close look at the top 5 things companies should be aware of (from a hacker’s perspective) to avoid becoming a target.

1. Weak Passwords

It might seem shocking, but according to statistics, hacked passwords cause 81% of data breaches. Partly because many people use weak passwords, partly because they reuse the same password across multiple accounts, and partly because they can be easily guessed.

We know what you are about to say… While the safest vault is for sure the human mind, remembering complex unique passwords is virtually impossible.

So here’s what you can do…

– Go over a password blacklist and make sure you didn’t make the same choices (https://haveibeenpwned.com/passwords)
– Aim for lengthy passwords (up to 20 characters in length)
– Go with a password phrase made out of three random words instead of memorable ones and add special characters to it
– Don’t re-use any passwords and change your passwords frequently
– Enable the password manager (built-into your internet browser) or a standalone password manager available for download and secure it with two-factor authentication
– Implement two-factor authentication for your accounts when available

In essence, out of all the methods out there cyber criminals use to gain unauthorized access to your data and compromise your accounts, poor password choice is the most common yet easily preventable one.

And while implementing the tips above does help you ensure a thorough password strategy and build a strong defense against cyber-attacks… it’s also important to acknowledge that their strength is limited when it comes to preventing unwanted access. And that there are other things to consider for a 100% protection.

Read our next post to find out what these are…