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Complete Software Testing Services

By integrating seamlessly into the software delivery process, end-2-end tests can be performed to locate any flaws and errors. Using a robust test framework within the DevOps toolchain issues can be resolved prior to release of the software app. Continuous testing eliminates redundancy and can lead to increased brand trust and higher value for the application software.

Continuous Testing in the DevOps Toolchain

Testing in the SDLC

While bugs are inevitable in a software development life cycle, it’s the time of their discovery that makes the difference between a successful release and significant costs and downtime.

Testing Types

Executing tests without a clear purpose is a lot like walking with your eyes shut. Depending on the customer’s requirements we take the necessary approach.

Testing Consulting

From tools to know-how, what makes an effective QA direction is the broad expertise gained across a wide range of industries and the level of support and collaboration the partner can bring.

Results you can count on!

The benefits of continuous testing and testing automation services

Testing in the SDLC Benefits

Testing Types Benefits

  • Overview of the security of the software being developed
  • Evaluation of how the app performs under various stress conditions
  • Monitoring of the functionality, consistency, and usability of the app in accordance with the served scope

Testing Consulting Benefits

  • Improved end-customer experience and software quality
  • Reduced QA costs by using dedicated software unit testing tools, robotic process automation, and test automation frameworks
  • Decreased time to market

 How ETSS can help with Software Testing Services

We take pride in creating and conducting test cases that cover the entire application life cycle. Depending on the types of tests we perform, the industry requirements and the customer’s business goals, we employ all the resources, tools, and practices needed in order to perform accurate tests and report relevant data.

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