Protect Your Assets

Protect against cyber threats and vulnerabilities before they happen.


Cyber Security Services

Our Cyber Security solutions provide services to identify, manage and resolve any possible threats and vulnerabilities that might arise from the use of information and communication technology at the level of people, processes and systems.

Penetration Testing

Exploit your organizations’ vulnerabilities with thorough cyber-attack simulations

App & Data Security

Protect your assets from cyber security threats and vulnerabilities

Security Ops Center

IT Management services to monitor protect your valuable investments

Vulnerability Management

Performed security tests with the purpose of localizing, ranking, prioritizing and managing an organization’s weak spots.

RED Teams

Simulate a cyber-attack and asses how your organization’s apps, system, and network copes with it.

Penetration Testing

The goal of penetration testing is to expose a business-threatening system, network or application vulnerabilities as well as provide detailed information about the business’s weaknesses.

With cyber-attacks affecting every aspect of a business and translating into a poor brand image, downtime and even loss of money, vulnerability assessments of the IT infrastructure and penetration testing can save companies and their stakeholders lots of headaches. For this, we either use open source testing tools, tools from our trustworthy partners, or we integrate the right tools to fit your needs.

Looking for the right mix of know-how, strategy, and resources to address cybersecurity and compliance? Look no further. At ETSS, we help you embark on compliance missions and projects, avoid security breaches, and make sure your assets stay safe and secure at all times.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Easy discovery and fixing of potential risks before they become problematic
  • Deep level of access to data that can help decision-makers plan their next step and prioritize their resources
  • Complete protection of the organization and its end-customers by meeting regulatory requirements and avoiding fines

App & Data Security

App and data security integrates a digital privacy policy (GDPR) and associated processes that must be executed in order to shield the digital assets and sensitive data of an organization from cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

The threat of unauthorized users easily manipulating apps in order to gain access to sensitive information is becoming more and more real while applications are becoming more accessible over various networks and devices. To prevent this from happening, we take the necessary measures to integrate app and data security at different stages of the app’s life cycle to make sure your products and the data within are safe at all times.

Want to protect sensitive data and apps in the most critical environments? By providing a successful mix of human and technology resources and making use of our advanced knowledge and expertise in data security, end-to-end encryption, 2FA, and pen testing, we help our customers not just survive but thrive in the business landscape.

App & Data Security Benefits

  • Increased protection of the brand, intellectual capital as well as customer information
  • Better incident detection and response rate
  • Faster app release with built-in app security

Security Ops Center

Integrate our Security Operation Center whose goal is to offer support for security issues by monitoring networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites as well as defending them

With so many cyber-attacks and data breaches across all industries, there’s never been a better time for growing companies to start thinking about a Security Operation Center. An SOC keeps problems at bay by taking care of the “dirty work”, dealing with cyber crime and allows them to stay focused on what they do best. The specific model and type of SOC we apply to each customer depends largely on the company’s needs, internal culture and day to day processes.

Rather than watching our customers stress over growing security concerns, complicated cyber security solutions, and operations, diving head deep in incident response issues that eat a lot of time or bring even more frustration, we offer our constant support in developing the right combination of security analysts and engineers as well as implementing protective measures to help monitor your organization’s security situation day in day out.

Security Operation Center Benefits

  • Continuous and complete IT management of the company’s and its customers’ security needs
  • Reduced investments associated with acquiring new equipment, technologies and personnel
  • Easy access to the latest information and tools in addressing complex and constantly evolving security concerns

A Security Operations Center works by monitoring and protecting the computers, servers, and networks as well as implementing the necessary measures in case of a cyber security incident.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management involves a set of activities performed continuously by security experts with the purpose of localizing, ranking, prioritizing and managing an organization’s weak spots.

By taking a proactive approach to vulnerabilities instead of just responding to them or worse turning a blind eye, and providing a fully personalized process to mitigate unwanted risks, ETSS helps its customers stay ahead of business paralyzing and costly breaches, strengthen their business and ensure the integrity of their assets.

Knowing where your company stands when it comes to security and what vulnerabilities attackers could possibly exploit endangering your network is one of the most valuable competitive advantages a company could own these days.

Vulnerability Management Benefits

  • Complete visibility over the current weaknesses
  • Data-driven decision making and resource allocation
  • Increased protection of systems, network, apps and data

RED Teams

RED teaming refers to a role-playing type of activity usually performed by an independent team whose primary goal is to simulate a cyber-attack and asses how an organization’s apps, system, and network copes with it.

By creating a vivid scenario, putting on the bad guys’ mindset and digging deep, our red teamers can challenge your current security landscape, providing you with the best defense insights in case of a real cyber-attack based on their findings and cyber-proofing your business.

Unless identified and managed in a proper and timely manner, security breaches can carry a great impact on an organization’s infrastructure and activity. At ETSS, we don’t just provide our customers with a comprehensive red teaming approach…Our team of experts is exceptionally trained to ethically hack your network with a well-defined security scope, handle the issues that arise and help organizations of all sizes shield themselves in the future.

RED Teaming Benefits

  • A better understanding of the current security challenges faced by the company
  • Actionable steps and alternatives for addressing critical issues
  • Improved digital infrastructure for the organization under attack

How ETSS can help with Cyber Security Services


At ETSS, we believe cyber security is more than a simple checklist, more than an antivirus or a once-a-year requirement. We believe it’s a continuous team effort. We bring to the table the much-needed know-how, thanks to our multi-industry expertise in the field, refined over 14 years. By successfully combining our expertise with the understanding and flexibility every company needs, we create comprehensive cyber security solutions that help customers run a secure digital business.

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To help our customer better cope with the increasing number of cyber security vulnerabilities out there, we employ the latest, most complex and proven to work tools and resources the market has to offer. If you want app & data security to shield your business against online threats, increased control over what’s going on in the company with a security operation center and a deeper compliance perspective to meet the industry’s standards, we are your go-to team.