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Integration Testing Automation


Integration is key

Nowadays applications are based on integrated building blocks. Web applications front-ends talk to the corresponding back-ends with the help of APIs. The same back-ends are called from complementary mobile applications (iOS, Android). The same back-ends integrate with other applications through the use of other APIs.

As a general rule, the integration layer, is where you will find most of the defects when putting together all the modules of a solution. It does not matter if the solution is build from scratch or if it is composed of existing and new components.

A thorough integration testing will make sure that there are no integration defects preventing critical information being exchanged.
However, taking on such a task manually is daunting since the effort is quite substantial.

This is where Integration Testing Automation comes in. And this is where we come in.

We specialize in modern, end-to-end, continuously integrated solutions for automated integration testing.

After we are done you will have a fully functioning integration testing framework, especially designed for your applications that can sit as part of your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines and can be executed seamlessly at each git commit.


  • Integration Testing Framework ready for Continuous Integration
  • Gherkin scripted test cases for scriptless automation – you don’t have to have code savvy testers. We do the work for you.
  • Run end to end tests even multiple times a day to make sure that each time there is a code change the application integration still works.


BDD syntax

We leverage BDD syntax with Gherkin in order to implement natural language processing based testing.

Your testing engineers will have a much higher efficiency writing test cases almost as if they were designing the test cases in plain English (or any other language you choose for that matter).

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