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Security Compliance & Data Protection

Data regulation and compliance are on everyone’s lips today, especially since for some organizations the new EU directive can have a paralyzing effect, impacting the way they interact with their customers and ultimately their business as well.


The 4/2018 FSA norm’s purpose is to prevent cyber-crimes mainly in the financial and insurance sector by identifying, preventing and reducing the potentially negative impact generated by exposing people, processes, systems to technology in the digital era.

Data Protection

While companies are constantly looking to maximize the power of the information they gather and draw actionable conclusions that can put them ahead of the competition, they also need to take into account the sophisticated frameworks needed from shielding all that data from potential threats.


While the digital era has made technology a necessity for all companies in the financial and banking industries, it has also raised some serious technical challenges regarding how this data is stored and protected from external threats.

How can we help

In order to effectively cover every aspect of your compliance and security needs, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure the data you obtained and the quality of its processing is compliant with industry standards and EU requirements.

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With the help of our security experts and the assistance of our advisory professionals for data privacy laws and regulations, ETSS can help organizations address and efficiently fulfilling all levels of compliance as well as implement the best and safest data protection practices suited for their needs in order to protect the company’s reputation and brand