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Application Performance

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APM solutions refer to the multitude of tools and practices necessary for detecting, diagnosing and resolving software applications problems and making sure the end user’s expectations are met by translating IT metrics into business insights.

  • Improved end-user experience
  • Better response time in case an application malfunction is detected
  • Increased visibility and real-time monitoring over the performance of the app


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At ETSS we have specialized throughout the years in shouldering this burden and making everything in our power to ensure that your software app delivers 100% 24/7 based on key performance metrics.

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In today’s hyper-competitive market, users are pickier than ever and they are expecting better experiences which also requires better apps or better control over the app released. By walking a mile in their shoes, carefully analyzing all possible directions as well as outcomes, we can craft the perfect APM strategy for your business.

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