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Data Protection

Providing comprehensive and custom data protection solutions to secure your assets

Privacy matters

While companies are constantly looking to maximize the power of the information they gather and draw actionable conclusions that can put them ahead of the competition, they also need to take into account the sophisticated frameworks needed from shielding all that data from potential threats using  a comprehensive data protection.


  • Clear overview of the data flow
  • Increased level of confidence and protection
  • Minimized risk level

How we can help?

In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, protect it and ensure compliance, we take the necessary technical as well as organizational actions by assessing, planning and providing a comprehensive and custom data protection solution suited for your needs.

Let’s start!

These days data is power, businesses know it and cyber attackers know it. At ETSS, our data protection experts and legal advisors have both the knowledge and the expertise to apply the necessary compliance mechanisms you need and secure critical assets.

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