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RED Teams


All hands on deck!

Red teaming refers to a role-playing type of activity usually performed by an independent team whose primary goal is to simulate a cyber-attack and asses how an organization’s apps, system, and network copes with it.

  • A better understanding of the current security challenges faced by the company
  • Actionable steps and alternatives for addressing critical issues
  • Improved digital infrastructure for the organization under attack


How can we help?

By creating a vivid scenario, putting on the bad guys’ mindset and digging deep, our red teamers can challenge your current security landscape, providing you with the best defense insights in case of a real cyber-attack based on their findings and cyber-proofing your business.

Let’s Start!

Unless identified and managed in a proper and timely manner, security breaches can carry a great impact on an organization’s infrastructure and activity. At ETSS, we don’t just provide our customers with a comprehensive red teaming approach…Our team of experts is exceptionally trained to ethically hack your network with a well-defined security scope, handle the issues that arise and help organizations of all sizes shield themselves in the future.

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