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Continuous Testing


Test, Pause, Repeat

Continuous Testing involves the execution of automated tests on a regular basis as part of the lifecycle in order to obtain real valuable feedback on the business side of the app, shorten release time and ensure successful deployments.

  • Actionable insights into each stage of the software delivery
  • Optimized response/ feedback time and shorter delivery cycles
  • Increased risk coverage by running end-to-end tests


How can we help?

In order to stay up to date with the increasing complexity of modern-day apps and fast-paced delivery pipelines, as well as to ensure a stable development process we recommend the embedding of the testing process as early as possible in the SDLC and at least once a day by running automated tests with each build.

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By making testing an ongoing mandatory process since the planning phase and throughout the entire SDLC, we make sure defects don’t turn into bottlenecks and the quality of your software is improved at the right speed.

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