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Performance Testing

Get better product performance and usability with custom automated software testing

Performance Bottleneck

Determine software application issues with speed, stability and scalability using our advanced automated performance testing process.  By preventing performance bottlenecks using automated software testing, poor product performance, inconsistencies and poor usability can be eliminated before product release.


  • Alignment of the system’s performance with the required standards
  • Clear overview of the system’s response speed to simultaneous requests
  • Early detection and fixing of the parts of the app that cause the system to under perform


 Types of Performance Testing

Each performance test requires scripting standards to be followed while writing scripts for automated software testing.  Success of the automation testing is not only determined by the results of the scripts reports but also the results of the applications performance over time.  The following are several types of performance testing used to check your software app.

Load Testing

Spike Testing

Stress Testing

Volume Testing

Endurance Testing

Scalability Testing

What you can expect

Most problems with performance testing arise when they are not properly conducted. While there are many approaches to performance testing, a successful methodology requires certain steps and we make sure each is followed to the letter.

Why choose ETSS?

Your challenges are our passion. And we never look the other way from one. No matter what your difficulties are in the performance area, we are here to help you get past them and achieve the level of success you deserve.

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