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Regression Testing


Always defect free!

Regression testing assures that no defects are introduced with new development code, otherwise all the efforts involved in creating and improving a product would have been in vain.

  • Deep insights into the problems of the system that could impact the ROI
  • Complete support for the system’s stability over long periods of time since it’s conducted in an automated manner
  • Minimized repair effort


What you can expect

There’s no question about the immense values early bug detection provides to a software product. At ETSS, we believe that regression testing should be part of every successful development plan and our purpose is not only to develop and execute reliable and cost-effective regression tests but also to offer real value and help create successful products.

Why us?

We hate to toot our own horn but we are masters at finding the needle in the haystack and we get a kick out of doing it too. Our passion, great work ethics combined with an impeccable professional background always help us stand out.

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