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User Acceptance Testing


Is it usable?

A great user experience weights more than ten advertisements, no argument here. So, in order to make sure his/her expectations are fully met before the release user acceptance testing must be performed.

  • Validation of the app’s functionality and usage in a live environment
  • Clear insights into the performance, quality, and acceptability of the integrated system
  • Assurance that no defects were left undetected and unresolved before the release


What can you expect

Out of all the possible tests out there, whether or not an app works according to the end user’s expectations is at the end of the day the most important thing. At ETSS we make sure your app gets to see the light of day and achieves the social response it deserves by running it through every test case scenario you can think of in order to ensure a successful release.

Why us?

We always love a good challenge and when it comes to testing, there’s simply nothing we do better. With our broad expertise and proven strategy, we tackle errors in the application or software and bring your “baby” close to perfection faster than you can get the development team to admit their bugs.

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