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Software Security

Software Security involves the use of tools, technologies as well as know-how in order to defend the software against malicious attacks, malware infections and another hacker-related type of activities aimed at stealing valuable data and compromising the integrity and functionality of a software app.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security can be best described by a set of activities related to identifying, managing and resolving any possible threats and vulnerabilities that might arise from the use of information and communication technology at the level of people, processes and systems.

Security Compliance & Data Protection

Security compliance and data protection have become the norm for all companies aiming at digitalization in the GDPR era since information breaches can translate into huge financial losses, failed businesses, even ruined lives depending on their severity.

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At ETSS, we see software security as a strength, not a liability. This means we focus on delivering a proactive approach and strong defense for each one of our customers instead of a passive one, by making use of the latest products and our well-cultivated expertise in this niche.

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