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Cyber Security

Protect against cyber threats and vulnerabilities before they happen.

Our Cyber Security solutions provide services to identify, manage and resolve any possible threats and vulnerabilities that might arise from the use of information and communication technology at the level of people, processes and systems.

Apps & Data Security

App and data security are related to a set of encryption measures taken to secure an app’s files or sensitive data from unauthorized access across a variety of devices.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management involves a set of activities performed continuously by security experts with the purpose of localizing, ranking, prioritizing and managing an organization’s weak spots.

RED Teams

Red teaming refers to a role-playing type of activity usually performed by an independent team whose primary goal is to simulate a cyber-attack and asses how an organization’s apps, system, and network copes with it.

Security Operation Center

A Security Operation Center’s goal is to offer support for security issues by monitoring networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites as well as defending them.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing represents the authorized practice of exploiting organizations’ vulnerabilities by employing a thorough cyber-attack similar to the one performed by hackers in order to expose its weak points and provide a systematic approach for addressing them.

How ETSS can help with Cyber  Security

At ETSS, we believe cyber security is more than a simple checklist, more than an antivirus or a once-a-year requirement. We believe it’s a continuous team effort. We bring to the table the much-needed know-how, thanks to our multi-industry expertise in the field, refined over 14 years. By successfully combining our expertise with the understanding and flexibility every company needs, we create comprehensive cyber security solutions that help customers run a secure digital business.

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To help our customer better cope with the increasing number of cyber security vulnerabilities out there, we employ the latest, most complex and proven to work tools and resources the market has to offer. If you want app & data security to shield your business against online threats, increased control over what’s going on in the company with a security operation center and a deeper compliance perspective to meet the industry’s standards, we are your go-to team.