We tend to do our own benchmarking when it comes to software testing. When we put HPE LeanFT and Selenium side by side this is what it came down to.

LeanFT comes out-of-the-box with all you need to start automation efficiently and with an acceptable learning curve to balance between learning and productivity. It already has the framework that supports end-to-end automation of multiple technologies, not just web.

We think that a Selenium framework would not make a good investment at this point in time. It can be a short-term compromise in case:

  • you did not purchase HPE leanFT (or UFT) already.
  • you only need to do some web tests and you do not plan to put together big end-to-end regression automated suites.
  • you have a highly skilled development engineers that want to write a lot of boilerplate code just to be able to provide some basic functional automation functionality

Why do we think this? Find out in the infographic bellow:

LeanFY vs Selenium Comparison Infographic