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As consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated, the telecom landscape also changes trying to accommodate their increasing demands and thirst for innovation with up to date technologies and solutions. From a serious shortage of specialized talent for key positions to lack of knowledge, know-how and specialized tools, more and more companies from the Telecom Sector face serious technological challenges.

Our perspective

One approach to solving these problems in a timely and cost-effective manner is by partnering up with an IT team that can help address all these issues through custom solutions that respond exactly to the company’s needs and industry’s specifics.
To this day, ETSS has served various telecommunication organizations around the world, helping them better understand their customers, needs and teams as well as to build superior processes, apps, gain the competitive edge they deserved, achieve significant cost reductions in the long-run, all while pursuing a sustainable growth path and maintaining their business focus.

Results you can count on!


Increased focus on business-critical issues


Enhanced work productivity, work-flows, and team collaboration


Optimized IT processes and operations


Increased customer retention and protection of the investment


Reduced cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities


Advanced management systems

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