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App Delivery & Ops

Today’s business environment requires constant improvement, new and unique approaches as more and more companies are faced with the problem of too many processes, redundant policies or overlapping tools, data and procedures, poor communication all leading to challenges and delays.

Project & Portfolio

Through project and portfolio software solutions, organizations have the chance to plan, develop, and execute their projects more efficiently than the traditional way based on certain criteria.

Service Management

Service Management refers to the proven processes and the strategic approach needed within an organization to meet the needs of its end-users in terms of IT services.

Application Lifecyle

Through application lifecycle management, organizations can benefit from an integrated system of people, processes, and tools that increase team collaboration.

Application Performance

Through application performance management and monitoring, companies get a clear end-to-end overview of the performance, availability, and user experience.

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IT expectations are higher than ever these days as organizations are expected to provide complex services 24/7/365, while also maintaining their assets safe and their employees’ productivity at a maximum. At ETSS we provide the right mix of resources, build delivery models and scalable processes from scratch or re-engineer them, to help companies of all sizes address business-critical issues and provide their services without interruption.

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The success of any business depends just as much on technology as it depends on its customers and management strategy. If you want to integrate the IT department with the other teams and have them working smoothly together in order to achieve the company’s goals, as well as benefit from real-time control over resources and projects, maximized operational efficiency and improved IT functions, we can make that happen.