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Testing Consulting

While there’s certainly a huge number of possible tests and combinations to run, focusing on the most relevant ones, applying the best possible strategy and tools to make sure no piece of code is left unchecked can make the difference between a successful product and a buggy one.


The ETSS team is always focused on bringing to light innovative IT strategies and solutions while consolidating existing technologies that help the company move forward. For this, we provide insights into different testing tools and methodologies, processes and solutions, thus allowing companies to get the most out of their investment.

Testing Consulting Services

Sharing our expertise and know-how for an improved testing strategy and quality apps.


Clear testing direction and overview of the quality and evolution of the software project
Access to deep testing knowledge acquired throughout our entire professional life
Increased testing speed by automating and implementing the latest tools and technologies

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At ETSS our strategies and practices are aligned 100% with the customer’s business goals and needs. Our stellar 14-year-long experience and successful track record in helping organizations from various industries optimize their testing processes and implement relevant test cases all stand proof to that.