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Testing Types

Like with any activity, defining the scope of testing based on the most relevant software features is paramount to the development process. With a clear purpose and a well-thought strategy in place, a complex software project can be tested rigorously and its quality can be improved many times over.


Our work and streak of success speak for themselves, reflecting not only our level of commitment and professionalism but also our approach towards designing and executing the best test cases by taking advantage of the latest tools, technologies, and trends.

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing is a type of black box testing during which the core functions and performance of a software app are compared and checked against the design specifics.


Better functional traits and performance of the software
Control over the interaction and integration between the software’s components
Clear overview of the vulnerabilities and overlooked bugs

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a type of software testing that makes sure the existing functionalities of the current version of the app remain unaltered when new functionalities are added and changes are made.


Deep insights into the problems of the system that could impact the ROI
Complete support for the system’s stability over long periods of time since it’s conducted in an automated manner
Minimized repair effort

Performance Testing

Performance testing is vital to any company’s success, perhaps impacting the most the quality of a software product. “If an end user perceives bad performance from your website, her next click will likely be on your-competition.com.” – Ian Molyneux


Alignment of the system’s performance with the required standards
Clear overview of the system’s response speed to simultaneous requests
Early detection and fixing of the parts of the app that cause the system to underperform

Security Testing

The main purpose of security testing is to ensure that there are no data breaches and vulnerabilities in the system and applications in an organization, which might lead to unwanted leaks and exploitations.


Complete protection of the initial investment and valuable data
Validation of the reliability of the features of the software
Detection of the vulnerabilities with zero downtime

Mobile Testing

The goal of mobile testing is to expose any vulnerabilities related to the functionality, usability, and consistency of a software app developed for a mobile device.


Easiness of access and the proper user experience of the app across multiple operating systems and devices.
Both manual and automated testing scripts
Clear overview of the product’s quality

Testing Automation

Automation testing involves the use of automated tools in order to fast track the design and execution of test case suits in order to maximize efficiency, minimize error as well as reduce costs and time.


Increased productivity by reducing the time spent conducting repetitive tests
A reduced effort in terms of manual testing leading to a reduction in overall QA costs
Wider test coverage because tests are performed at an increased speed

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